Brush up on your hair brushes for a healthy mane

November 26, 2014

Which hairbrush will keep your hair healthy and shiny and help you create your desired hairstyle? 

Brush up on your hair brushes for a healthy mane

With so many hair brushes on the market to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Learn what each type of hairbrush does best to suit your hair texture and personal style.

Natural bristles

Natural boar bristle hair brushes are all the rage right now.

  • Because the bristles come from an animal, they more closely match the structure of human hair.
  • These softer, more pliable bristles are a gentler choice than stiffer, synthetic materials that easily break tangled hairs.
  • Natural bristles also absorb oils from your scalp and help distribute them down the length of your hair. This creates a smooth, naturally shiny mane.
  • Consider a natural bristle brush for styling straight, fine hair or for adding shine to all hair types.

Plastic bristles

Plastic or nylon bristles come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Fine, flexible bristles work well to detangle straight hair, while thicker, widely-spaced bristles with ball tips can efficiently work through knots on thick or curly hair.
  • No matter your hair type, it's best to choose bristles that are flexible to avoid breaking hair, and if the plastic ball tops start to fall off, replace your brush right away to avoid scratching your scalp or damaging your locks.

Paddle brushes

Paddle brushes are flat ovals with a cushion at the base of the bristles. Typically, the bristles are widely-spaced and ball-tipped.

  • These brushes are a good choice for working through very long hair because the cushion prevents the brush from ripping through knots.
  • When this type of brush meets resistance, the cushion deflates and stops the brushing motion: a warning system for long-haired ladies during extended brushing sessions.

Round brushes

Round brushes are used to add body to hair during a blow dry, and the best ones have a metal barrel to transmit heat through the hair to help styling.

  • Metal bristles are a no-no, though, as they are far too inflexible to be safe for hair.
  • Narrow barrels are great for short hair, while a wide, round brush is most efficient on long hair.
  • Round brushes can be used on all hair types: they will straighten curly hair, but can also add some curl and movement to straight layers.
  • No matter the goal of your blow dry, applying a styling gel or mousse to damp hair before drying will increase the effectiveness of a round brush.
  • If you'll be using styling tools with a lot of heat, also be sure to use a heat-protective styling spray or serum.
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