Decorating ideas for break-the-fast

November 3, 2015

If you're planning a meal to conclude the holy day this year, there are some simple tips you can follow to make your space look inviting and festive but still be appropriate.

Decorating ideas for break-the-fast

Make food the centrepiece

  • People at your break the fast won't have eaten during the entire day, so the food should be the centrepiece of your gathering. Consider setting up a buffet and having stacks of bagels and spreads, fruit, small sandwiches, and tempting small sweets ready and waiting for your guests.
  • After the fast, most people don't want anything too heavy or spicy and most will only sample, rather than filling a plate. Make their experience easier and create a bountiful atmosphere by decorating your table with food that looks as good as it tastes.
  • Keep food simple, and prepare it all in advance. Provide a variety of refreshing hot and cold beverages.

Keep the white theme

  • White is the colour of Yom Kippur because it symbolizes purity and a clean slate. So, honour the spirit of the day by decorating with white flowers, white candlesticks and white dinnerware.
  • The food and any flowers or gifts people bring to your break-the-fast meal will be a great supplement and add a splash of colour to your basic white backdrop.

Let your kids help

  • Your children most likely won't be fasting for Yom Kippur, and because most of the day is sombre and adult-focused, they might be bored or feeling a bit left out.
  • So, have them help with break-the-fast decorations by making handmade placemats for the event.
  • Cut cardboard into appropriate sizes, then give them permanent markers and ask them to draw pictures about what the holiday means to them.
  • Having your kids design placemats for your break the fast table is a great way to incorporate a family element into the holiday.

Leave food throughout the space

  • People will want to snack and socialize at a break-the-fast meal. Think of it as a kind of "cocktail party" with hearty food, and place food in several rooms; perhaps bagels and spreads as people enter your home, heartier food in the dining room and kitchen, sweets in the living room.
  • Or, place bowls of nuts as centrepieces on coffee tables, and fill candy dishes that can be passed easily with mints and sweets. Food always makes a festive and friendly addition, and it will be a welcome sight during break-the-fast.
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