4 simple decorating tips for an attractive Thanksgiving table

November 3, 2015

If you want to help make your Thanksgiving table more festive than ever before, here are 4 simple and inexpensive tips to decorate it that will make your table look beautiful for the holiday.

4 simple decorating tips for an attractive Thanksgiving table

1. Apple candles

  • One way to bring the fall harvest to the Thanksgiving table is to light it up with candles made from apples. Apples are a fall fruit, and using them on the table is a great way to bring the autumn into the celebration.
  • To make a candle from an apple, simply cut around the stem to remove it and take out some of the top core. Then, place a small tea light into the apple. If the hole is too big around the candle, use tin foil to keep the candle in place.

2. DIY cornucopias

  • Thanksgiving is the harvest holiday, and one its most important symbols is the cornucopia, or the basket brimming with all the season's best fruits and vegetables.
  • To bring the cornucopia to the table, create your own to use as a centrepiece. A straw basket can easily stand in for the cornucopia. Fill it with items like apples, carrots, autumnal leaves, and more.
  • You can fill your cornucopia entirely with edible things to make them a good, healthy snack in addition to the meal.

3. Children's art placemats

  • Thanksgiving is a family holiday, so incorporate the family element by having your children make placemats for each table setting.
  • Cut pieces of construction paper into placemat shapes, then give kids crayons or markers to make their best Thanksgiving drawings.
  • Encourage them to trace their hand then decorate it like a turkey! This is one of the best ways to make a Thanksgiving table personalized and fun.

4. Pinecone centrepieces

  • Pinecones are a symbol of the changing trees and the nature in fall, and they're a great way to make a table look more festive.
  • Use pinecones as centrepieces in the middle of a table by completely spray painting them with silver or gold spray paint.
  • You can set pine cones individually down the centre of the table, or put a collection of them together in a large glass vases.
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