Develop your own street style

"Street style" is not the influence of any designer or mainstream trend in particular, but is inspired by the people around you at a street level. It's meant to be unconventional and authentic, as it belongs to “everyday” people brave enough to assert their own individual style. Are you someone who refuses to play by the so-called rules of fashion?

The phenomenon known as "street style"

Street style is strictly urban and you’re not likely to find it outside the city. It usually combines trendy looks that are customized with accessoriesand adopts specific clothing trends, while leaving ample room for creative expression and spontaneity.The staying power of street style can be attributed to the influence of subculture groups like punk, hippy, grunge, gothic, preppy and so on. There are no rules.

Youth culture and fashion

Young people are at the base of street style and influence trends by infusing looks with their personal style, be it hip-hop or goth.

Street trends are influenced by the effortlessness associated with youth culture. The importance of diversity and originality is also emphasized, which, in turn, also manifests as a sense of belongingness to a group. It's as much a culture as it is a way of dressing.

Just be yourself

The essence of street style is to create an idiosyncratic look, which expresses your attitude, values and ideals. If you endorse fair trade or locally sourced clothing, love accessories like scarves, the military look or 1950’s style, you are already blazing the street style trail — one that is all your own.

Your everyday look is your own and you define it. That little "something" extra is an identifier meant to distinguish you. "Oh hey, it’s Valerie; we’d recognize you anywhere with those boots.”

Focus on accessories

Are you a hat person? An accessory, like a hat, can set you apart from the crowd with a look that is both retro and urban chic. The key to pulling it off is confidence, so embrace your style enthusiastically.

Unique accessories are the frequent focal point of street style outfits. Cuff bracelets, a sun hat with retro sunglasses, lime coloured shoes, printed pants, or a tie worn with a dress are all non-conventional ways to assert your fashion credentials.

Your favourite shops

You have your share of choice when it comes to expressing yourself. Regardless of where you shop, have should trust your instincts. Next time see something you love and find yourself declaring "That is so me!” — just go for it.

Develop your own street style
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