Easy storage ideas for your kitchen

December 17, 2014

Learn how to turn common household items into storage ideas for your drawers and kitchen cabinets.

Easy storage ideas for your kitchen


So you bought a new dish drying rack and still haven't gotten rid of the old one. It may come in handy one day, right? For once, right! A drying rack can be easily used to store accessories such as plastic container lids. Stick the old rack in a kitchen cabinet next to your plastic storage containers, making finding the matching lid quick and simple.

Or maybe you’re shoe crazy and have an abundance of door hanging plastic shoe holders only to re-do your closet to include a great built in shoe rack. Rather than throwing the plastic shoe holders away, why not reuse them to increase the efficiency of your kitchen? Hang one on a cabinet door and store anything from plastic bags to sippy cups or taco seasoning in its pockets. These plastic shoe holders make wonderful accessories for kitchen cabinets and, if need be, can be reused for your ever growing shoe collection.

A purpose for plastic bins

Maybe your children have outgrown their toy organizer, or maybe you just have too many plastic bins in your house. Simple plastic bins can make great storage accessories. Use them in a variety of ways throughout your kitchen to make organization a breeze. Label your bins and place them in your kitchen cabinet to store similar items, for example pasta ingredients in one bin. That way when you have to throw together a quick meal because that last call at work took three times as long as you expected, everything you need is in one, easy-to-find spot.

Rack attack

Are you staring at that old magazine rack realizing you haven’t bought a magazine that wasn’t digital in ages? Why not recycle that piece by screwing it right into your kitchen cabinet door to store cutting boards, platters, or baking trays? This inexpensive trick will not only bring life back to your once loved magazine rack but also makes for a handy storage accessory for your kitchen cabinets. By reusing or recycling household items, you're making use out of things that were nothing but clutter before, and making your kitchen more organized and easier to navigate.

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