How to find the right facial cleanser for your skin type

August 8, 2014

Face washing is more than just a little splash-splash in the morning. With the proper facial cleanser for your skin, you’ll start your day looking radiant.

How to find the right facial cleanser for your skin type

Ah, it feels so good to start and end the day with a refreshing face wash. But you know, of course, that the real thing never looks like the delicate splashing portrayed in commercials—you know, when the pretty young woman splashes her face without wetting her clothes or hair.

The daily use of a facial cleanser keeps skin clean and glowing. Goodbye blemishes and impurities!

The right cleanser

There are a staggering amount of facial cleansers out there and reading the labels can be like reading Greek to most of us. How can you tell which one you need? It's simple; just use the one that matches your skin type.

Skin type: Dry

What it means: Sensitive, fragile skin with dry patches, dullness of complexion, and redness

Problem: Not enough natural oils (sebum), causing dryness.

Solution: A cleanser with moisturizers, such as milks and oils. Gels tend to dry and should be avoided. Go easy on abrasive products, such as scrubs and exfoliants. If you do exfoliate, be sure not to use more than once per week.

Skin type: Oily

What it means: Shiny skin with visible pores, uneven skin tone, and blackheads

Problem: Too much sebum is produced.

Solution: A non-comedogenic facial cleanser with a neutral pH factor. Products containing soap and alcohol should be avoided. Add to your routine a firming tonic to tighten pores.

Skin type: Combination

What it means: Oily forehead, nose and chin, but dry cheeks

Problem: A sensitivity to temperature and physiological changes— stress, pollution and food.

Solution: A not-too-rich facial cleanser, or two separate products, including a mattifying gel cleanser for oily areas and hot, humid weather, plus a cleansing moisturizer for dry areas and cold, dry conditions.


In addition to cleansers for dry, oily and combination skin, there are products designed specifically for acne-prone skin and very sensitive skin. To find the right facial cleanser, a personalized consultation with an esthetician at the beauty salon is your best option.

Cleansing—it’s not rocket science

Now that you know how to use facial cleanser, here are some tips for your cleansing routine:

  • Tie your hair back and remove jewellery.
  • Wash your hands with soap; you don’t want to spoil your work
  • Moisten your face with warm water.
  • Gently apply the cleanser to your entire face and massage it in by making small circles with your fingertips.
  • Rinse your whole face with warm water.
  • Dry your face by gently blotting with a clean towel. Do not rub.
  • Complete your beauty routine by applying a tonic and moisturizer.

Taking the time to determine your skin type and find the right products will help you keep your skin looking radiant.

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