Finding the perfect pair of rain boots

December 15, 2014

If you live in a rainy climate, rain boots are an absolute necessity. Not only do they keep your feet dry and warm, they can also be a style accessory. Keep this tips in mind when shopping for the perfect pair of rain boots.

Finding the perfect pair of rain boots

Finding the perfect pair of rain boots

  • The first and most important thing to consider is how waterproof the boots are since a boot that lets water seep through is completely useless.
  • Rain boots with a taller shaft are less likely to let water in from above, since the diameter of the opening will be smaller.


  • Those with wider calves should look for rain boots specifically made for this, which several brands offer.
  • The rubber material of most rain boots mean they are great at providing insulation from the cold, as well as water or snow.
  • Shorter rain boots provide less weather protection as well as less warmth, since they cover less of your leg.
  • Shorter rain boots are also ideal for those with a shorter stature, as they will appear more proportional on your height and not hit your knees and cause you discomfort.


  • Be sure to browse through a variety of rain boot style. Some style features to look for are boot height, a matte or glossy rain boot finish, heel height, toe shape and any additional flourishes such as buckles or design elements.
  • Because rain boots don’t typically feature any zippers, some styles can be tricky to put on or take off.


  • Keep in mind your climate since different rain boots work best with different temperatures.
  • If your climate is mild, you don’t want to pick a rain boot that will leave you warm and sweaty.
  • Remember that for those living in cooler climates, your rain boots will often be worn with thick socks, so buy a size that allows for this and try them on with the correct socks in-store.

Now that you know all the factors to look for when searching for the perfect rain boot, you’re ready to go shopping.

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