Gadgets for better hearing

July 10, 2015

Find out how modern technology can help you deal with hearing loss!

Gadgets for better hearing

The technology

Modern technology has made life much easier for people with hearing impairments. You can opt to watch most TV programs with subtitles. Every day, gadgets convey information visually as well as through sound — look at text messages on cell phones and email. And most cell phones can be set to vibrate instead of ring.

Gadgets for the hearing impaired

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) based on induction loops, infrared or radio signals are increasingly available in banks, stores, museums, theatres and other venues, and can also be used in workplaces, schools and colleges. They augment standard public address and audio systems by providing signals that can be received either by means of special receivers that eliminate or filter background noise or through your own hearing aid.

Examples of hearing gadgets

There's also a wide range of gadgets available to use in the home to make up for reduced hearing, either by boosting sound levels or by providing some sort of alternative alerting system. Here are a few examples:

  • Doorbells with sound amplifiers or flashing lights.
  • Door knockers that react to the vibration of knocking by setting off flashing lights.
  • Phone amplifiers with adjustable extra volume.
  • Flashing and vibrating alarm clocks.
  • Vibrating watches.
  • Vibrating pagers, alert systems and timers.
  • Hands-free devices that eliminate interference from cell phones.
  • Baby monitors with visual alerts.
  • A portable pager that flashes in response to signals from your doorbell, phone, smoke alarm or baby monitor.
  • Personal listening devices that allow you to listen to the TV at a volume that suits you, without affecting other users.
  • Television captioning.
  • Fire alarms that set off a powerful flashing light or a vibrating pad you keep under your pillow.
  • Loop systems for home TV, radio and hi-fi.

Most of these are available through audiology offices or medical supply companies. You can also find a wealth of information online, where you can purchase products and read reviews of the latest products.

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