4 money-saving DIY home renovation tips

November 6, 2014

Remodelling your home is a major undertaking that can put a strain on your budget. Use these tips to improve your home for less.

4 money-saving DIY home renovation tips

Whether it be a way of cutting financial corners or simply thinking ahead with your budget, you can have your remodelling dreams come true at half the cost. Here's a few simple tips that can make remodelling your home at a low cost a reality.

1. Be smart about material disposal

Getting rid of what you're not using can be fairly pricey if you plan on tossing the materials into a rented dumpster.

  • The prices often vary due to the amount of trips involved for the disposal.
  • This cost of removing what's no longer useful to your home can be very expensive during the remodelling process, so other avenues of disposal are important.

Donating what you don't need is very simple.

  • One of the easiest ways to start is by contacting your local charity or non-profit organization, which will accept a majority of the materials for which you no longer have a use.
  • Your donation not only goes to a good cause, but you may get a tax deduction for your contribution.

2. Shop locally, if you can

For a large project such as home remodelling, try shopping locally whenever possible.

  • Along with home renovation centres, another option to save money would be visiting construction sites or scrap sites for product that you could purchase at a discounted price.
  • Things you can buy brand new are doors and windows, as they are the most important parts of a remodelling process.

3. Use a stock plan

When making a selection between a stock plan or a custom plan, choose a stock plan.

  • A stock plan is a general layout of remodelling practices (such as kitchens) that are very modern, but your layout may be the same as another person's kitchen.
  • The custom plan will have you adding intricacies you won't really need once the project is finished.

Chances are, you will still be able to get some of the customs you can't live without for a fraction of the price once the decision is made later on. This will help keep you from going over budget; a very easy thing to do when remodelling your home.

4. Read up as much as you can

Remodelling a home with as much information as possible is the best and most effective way to approach the task, because time is money when it comes to remodelling.

With a project large or small, budgeting beforehand and planning ahead makes the remodelling process go smoothly for everyone involved, from contractor to customer. This way, living in a new area of the home welcomes positive memories for the homeowner for years to come.

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