Hotels and banquets: one-stop party shops

December 17, 2014

Are you planning a celebration? Maybe a bat mitzvah, a retirement party or a wedding. Here are reasons why hotels and banquets make great venues.

Hotels and banquets: one-stop party shops

The know-how and connections

Hotels and banquets have been the choice of many for fulfilling their ideal celebration. For this reason hotels have endless contacts that can help make any seemingly impossible detail materialize. So your fantasy of welcoming your guests by riding in on a pink horse for your grand entrance might not be too far fetched. Hotels and banquets are in the business of celebrating. If they can’t personally make your dreams come true, they are bound to know someone who can.

Everything under one roof

In today’s busy world, most people find themselves trying to get all their errands done in one place. So why throw your event at a venue where you have to outsource food, music, decor and accommodations for your guests? Hotels and banquets provide the same efficiency as a supermarket. They handle most details of a party, from the planning to food, drink and decor and much more. Booking your event with a hotel and banquet saves you the time and frustration of having to handle every detail on your own, before, during and after an event.

Safety and sleep

As your guests leave at the end of the night, you notice Uncle Bob has had one too many alcoholic beverages and wouldn’t know his car from a horse. Not only do some hotels provide shuttle services, they provide a great place for your guests to stay if they've had one too many.

When deciding if hotels and banquets can make your celebration memorable remember this: They not only save you the stress of planning, but can carry out the details of your party from start to finish and then serve you and your guests breakfast the next day.

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