The damages paintless dent repair can (and can't) fix

February 4, 2014

Your car's been damaged and you aren't happy about it. Makes sense, but what can you do about it? Discover whether paintless dent repair can deliver the fix.
Even if you’re careful

Nobody takes more care of your car than you, but what if something out of your control happens? What if someone hits your car when you’re not even in it? Or they squeeze in beside you and open a car door against your rear tire well? Fortunately, paintless dent repair makes body repairs easy, and getting an assessment from a professional technician at your service garage or body shop is your first step.

What problems can paintless dent repair take care of?

  • Generally, if the car was stationary when the collision occurred, paintless dent repair is possible. Parking-lot door dings from careless children or drivers; baseball-sized dents; or hail damage: all can be taken care of with paintless dent repair.
  • If the car was moving when it was damaged, there is a chance the impact was too great for paintless dent repair. In that case, you might have to visit a traditional body shop for more intrusive body work. The sharpness or the depth of the dent have more impact than size when it comes to repairs.

How does it work?

Instead of having to sand down the dent and re-paint the car, which is a costly and easy-to-botch job, technicians rub the dent, providing leverage from the back of the panel. This corrects the dent while keeping the original factory paint job intact.

What are the advantages?

Time and money are the main benefits of paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair will set you back a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop job.

Depending on the damage, a paintless dent repair technician can take from one to four hours to complete the repair. Damage from hailstones can be taken care of with paintless dent repair in 48 hours. Whatever your situation, it is not recommend that you try to do it yourself. Usually that only worsens the damage. It’s always best to take your vehicle to a paintless dent repair specialist to save yourself some time, money, and headaches.

The damages paintless dent repair can (and can't) fix
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