3 ways e-bikes are helping seniors

November 3, 2015

For older individuals, there are many aspects of e-bikes that can radically change one's lifestyle and provide a new sense of freedom. Here are some reasons why seniors are taking part in the e-bike revolution.

3 ways e-bikes are helping seniors

1. They help ensure you exercise the right way

Seniors need to strike the right balance between maintaining their physical health and making sure they don't exert themselves too much or cause injury. Often, riding a typical bike leaves seniors exhausted, while scooters can often prove too unwieldy or bulky to handle.

E-bikes help seniors get the exercise they need while also allowing them to run the e-bike's motor when they feel their energy sagging or just need an extra boost. This allows for safe exercise and plenty of options for how hard one wants to exercise in the first place. E-bikes are lightweight, versatile, and allow seniors to cruise when they want to take a rest, making them often the best mobility option out there.

2. They can accommodate various levels of difficulty

There are many different e-bikes that help adjust to a senior's style of riding. Pedelecs, also known as pedal-assist bikes, have sensors that monitor pedaling speed and force, and help adjust the motor to provide seniors with a boost when they need it. These sensors can be adjusted as well. For example, if you want a boost only when you hit a steep hill, a pedelec can recognize this and kick in the motor at the appropriate time. This can provide a smooth ride that lets a cyclist ride for a long time, even in strenuous conditions.

Other people enjoy a power-on-demand e-bike. This e-bike simply uses a throttle, which can control how much power you want from the motor quickly and easily, much like a traditional scooter or motorcycle. Regardless of the e-bike, these devices can help seniors get through difficult rides, provide exercise, and make riding a better experience.

3. They are fun

E-bikes are a way to make mobility fun. Many seniors simply want to do some grocery shopping, stop by a friend's house, or take a ride for some lunch downtown, and e-bikes allow them to quickly do this without the hassle of a car or a typical bike. E-bikes provide freedom paired with state-of-the-art technology, making them an enticing option for older riders.

They also provide the opportunity for seniors to socialize with others. There are e-bike clubs and many other seniors are now adopting this technology as well, giving people a chance to share their love for riding even if they are experiencing certain physical limitations.

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