How to easily adopt a pet from a breeder

July 28, 2015

Think you're ready for a new pet and you're looking at a purebred animal? Here are some easy suggestions to get you started.

How to easily adopt a pet from a breeder

Do some simple research

Get to know more about the breeds and varieties of cats and dogs by visiting the various shows and competitions held yearly. If you are looking for a particular breed of animal, or if you want to breed or show your pet, buying directly from a specialist breeder is probably the best option.

  • The Canadian Kennel Club ( has a listing of shows and trials events listed by province and time of year. Here you can also find a detailed description of each breed on its website.
  • Check out the Canadian Cat Association's website at for its show calendar.
  • Once you find the breed you want, jump online and look for a directory of breeders in your area.

Breeder benefits

There are many benefits to purchasing from a reputable breeder:

  1. A good breeder will interview your family thoroughly to ensure the best interests of the animal will be met.
  2. A good breeder doesn't always have a litter of puppies on the go, so you may have to wait several months.
  3. You will be able to see the mother and possibly the father of the puppies on site, as well as other related animals to see the adult versions of your pet.
  4. A good breeder has a  bloodline history and can tell you the specific details of the animal's background and temperament.
  5. You will likely pay less than the the inflated prices at pet stores and you will be assured the animals are truly purebred, and that they aren't coming from puppy mills.
  6. You should be offered some guarantee on the pet's health for the first year or two.

Make sure that the breeder sells animals registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or the Canadian Cat Association and that the animals are vaccinated and healthy.

Pedigree pets for less

A pedigree animal can be expensive, but there are savings to be made if you ask the right questions.

  • Golden oldies: Animals that are too old to breed are also considerably cheaper but no less lovable. Opt for one in good health and with plenty of energy.
  • Don't follow the herd: Popularity in breeds and colours changes from year to year, but this is purely subjective. If you opt for a less popular breed, you could get yourself a fine animal and a real bargain.
  • Adopt a rescue: If you want to adopt a rescued animal but have your heart set on a particular breed, it is quicker to contact a breed-specific rescue than to wait for your chosen animal to turn up at your local general rescue centre. Online, you can find a list of rescue organizations and shelters where you can search by breed and province.

Finding a pet that will be a perfect fit for your family can be difficult, but knowing exactly what you're looking for can help. Follow these tips before selecting a breeder and find the newest member of your family today!

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