The new IT job: how to pursue information technology

October 25, 2014

If you're creative and like working with computers, a job in the information technology field may be right for you.

The new IT job: how to pursue information technology

What are IT jobs?

Positions in the field include computer programmers, web developers, software engineers, database administrators and data modellers.

Employees in this sector manage the IT systems of the various companies they work for. They're responsible for protecting the information stored in these systems, analyzing the data and securing its transmission.

The rapid rate of technological evolution, in addition the growing number of companies who base their progress and strategies on technological innovation, are a driving force behind the booming IT profession.

The demand for IT workers

It’s not only the business sector that's seeking IT specialists. In fact, many institutions and industries are increasingly integrating technology into their day-to-day operations.

In the area of healthcare, for example, patients' medical records are now computerized and stored digitally. This allows for more efficient file transfer between doctors and an easier follow up of patients' health status.

Computers are also used for administrative purposes. For example, it's possible to file a tax return and complete a multitude of documents simply using online forms.

Furthermore, IT is also used in educational institutions. Various universities and vocational training centres offer, among other things, “virtual” classrooms and remote learning. In addition, students and teachers often have personal accounts, which provide them with access to computer resources.

The role of information technology professionals is necessary to sustain all of these functions. The demand is huge in these areas because it’s the IT technician who ensures the management and performance of these information systems.

Advantages of IT jobs

  • A stimulating environment: Creative minds seeking the thrill of new challenges love the IT industry for its dynamic environment. The rapidly changing landscape requires great adaptability, and those who work in this occupation must be flexible.
  • Salary bonus: Several companies offer competitive salaries to the IT experts they hire, and often extend bonuses based on their performance.
  • Diversified opportunities: Businesses in many different areas are using computers as a work tool. As a result, IT professionals can take their pick of a wide range of available opportunities, and find a position that really suits them. This high demand is also favourable for those who are considering a change of job mid-career, as the domain offers a lot of choice.

However, if you find it hard to work under pressure and manage stress, this field probably isn’t for you. IT professionals are often subject to tight deadlines and to the demands of their bosses whose productivity depends directly on the proper functioning of their electronic information systems.

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