Know your blinds: a quick primer

On their own or teamed with curtains, blinds can provide you with both shade and privacy. They come in a variety of styles to suit a range of décor. Here's a quick primer on a few different kinds of blinds.

Know your blinds: a quick primer

Roller blinds

  • A roller blind is a smooth, stiffened panel of fabric that winds around a roller fixed at the top of the window.
  • Some of these blinds are spring-loaded so that a simple tug to the bottom edge of the blind will trigger it to retract.
  • Other kinds have manually-operated sidewinder mechanisms.
  • Older blinds of this style may have pulley cords, but modern models tend to be fitted with chain-operated controls.

A roman blind

  • When lowered, a Roman blind lies flat against the window
  • This kind of blind is raised with cords and loops attached to the back of the blind and folds into neat horizontal pleats.
  • A wooden batten along the lower edge of the blind holds it straight, while smaller battens may also be inserted across each pleat to define the folds.

Venetian blinds

  • Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats of wood, plastic or aluminium.
  • When the blinds are raised the slats stack neatly on top of one another.
  • When it's lowered, the slats can be angled to control the penetration of light.
  • If choosing blinds for a bathroom, consider using a wide-bladed, PVC Venetian that will be guaranteed to last in damp conditions.

Roll-up blinds

  • Roll-up blinds may be made from woven grass, PVC, bamboo, split cane, thin timber slats or wooden reeds.
  • A pulley cord is used to raise and lower roll-up blinds.
  • These blinds typically allow a degree of filtered light through even when over a window.

Vertical louver blinds

  • Vertical louver blinds are made from slats that move in sync when operated.
  • Usually, a chain control is used to alter the angle of the slats, while another cord is used to draw all the slats to one side.
  • This kind of blinds is particularly useful for wide windows and patio doors.

Vertical panel glide blinds

  • For a new take on vertical blinds, look to panel glide blinds.
  • Panel glide blinds are made of broad panels that retract one behind the other to expose some or all of the window.

Consider this quick primer when you're choosing blinds, and you'll be better able to find the best fit.

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