Making a life change with easy exercise

September 23, 2015

If you're like most exercise haters, what you detest is probably what you remember from a school gym class or the last health club you visited — the sweaty clothes, awkward moves and overall embarrassment. But those things don't define all exercise. Here are some easy exercise tips.

Making a life change with easy exercise

An easy form of exercise

The easiest recommended exercise can cut your heart disease risk in half and it doesn't involve tube socks, sweatbands, or jumping up and down. You don't even have to change out of your normal work or casual clothes. Simply go out the door and walk around your building or neighbourhood. No huffing, puffing or discomfort is required.

Enjoy your walks as a chance to catch some fresh air and grab a mental pick-me-up. When you stop thinking of exercise as suffering and punishment, you'll soon find yourself enjoying the chance to stretch your legs and get your blood circulating better, which is all exercise really is.

Take it slow

Sometimes changes are difficult. There are eight other lifestyle factors — including stress, obesity, sedentary living and eating too few fruits and vegetables — that have been linked to heart disease.

But you can do something about those lifestyle factors right now.

Once you start making healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating fresh foods and walking in the fresh air, you'll probably find it easier to tackle other aspects of your lifestyle.

But how does one change their exercise habits without adding even more stress? Slow down and take it one small step at a time. The beauty of exercise is that it can reduce the stress in your life. If you feel overwhelmed, simply find out which part of your life is most in need of a tune-up. Tackle that problem then wait until your new habits become second nature before tackling the next batch.

Every little change you make reduces your risk, so you don't have to change overnight to have a healthier heart. You will be surprised, though, at how easily these tips fit into your routine and become a normal way of life.

Talk to your doctor first

You should talk to your doctor before engaging in any vigorous exercise. You should also avoid strenuous activity and lifting heavy weights (it's especially risky to hold your breath during weightlifting or other exertion).

But simply walking round the block and doing some stretches will help to strengthen your heart, so your risk of heart disease will decrease. If you feel nervous about exercise, by all means talk to your doctor, who can help you to find the level of physical activity that's right for you.

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