Make moving a breeze during retirement

November 14, 2014

Whatever your reason is for moving in retirement, there are several methods to make the process easier.

Make moving a breeze during retirement

Retirement comes with a number of changes, such as adjusting to not going to work, staying on a budget and moving to a smaller residence. Whatever your reason is for moving in retirement, there are several methods to make the process easier.

Good reasons for a retirement move

Retirees move for many reasons. Some seek a different climate, and for others it's the desire to be near family, especially grandchildren. Also, downsizing and cutting expenses and household maintenance chores can be important considerations, as can property and sales tax rates.

When relocating, remember to try it before you buy it. Before choosing a retirement city or town, try it out by visiting. Begin by staying for a weekend, so you can explore local hot spots, shopping and interesting sights.

Sizing it up

You may have raised your family in a three- or four-bedroom house. Now that the nest is empty and you're retiring, it may be time to think of downsizing. Often, retired couples find a two-bedroom house to be the perfect solution. Once you have chosen your new home, take measurements of all the rooms and then decide what furniture and household items will fit and which won't. Only move what you're going to use and give unwanted items away or have a yard sale. Resist the temptation to rent or buy additional storage to squirrel away items you won't be using or taking with you.

DIY or moving company

Once you have pared down your possessions and are ready to move, decide whether you will move everything yourself or hire a company. If you have friends and family that can pitch in, the DIY approach may work. If not, consider doing the packing yourself and hiring a moving company to load and unload the moving truck.

If you're embarking on a long-distance move, then container moving may be best. Shorter moves are more suited to using a moving truck or van. Try to get a truck or container that will accomplish the move in one trip, as piecemeal moving makes the whole process more expensive and time consuming.

Take your time

Finally, give yourself the gift of time. Don't rush the move. Start well in advance of the transition by getting rid of unwanted items, then pack out-of-season holiday decorations and clothing. Pack room by room, clearly labelling boxes. If you allow months, as opposed to weeks, for the process, moving in retirement can be much smoother.

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