10 tips for taking care of your nails

August 8, 2014

You have to admit it: even the most sophisticated look can be ruined by dirty or broken nails. To have a truly healthy and sleek look, give your nails some precious care—after all, they deserve it. The secret to beautiful feet and hands is upkeep. Taking care of your nails should always be part of your beauty routine, whether you like to wear nail polish or not.

10 tips for taking care of your nails

Home nail care in 10 easy steps

  1. Remove old nail polish with an acetone-free product (unless it’s a shellac-type professional varnish, which will need an acetone remover). Rinse nails immediately, as the solvent will dry out your nails.
  2. Soak nails in a small basin filled with warm soapy water to soften cuticles.
  3. Rinse hands and dry them by patting, rather than rubbing.
  4. Gently push back cuticles using a stick designed for the purpose. Don’t tear the cuticles; if you must, trim them with a nail clipper.
  5. With an emery board, file each nail down to the shape of your choice (square-tipped or rounded). File by pulling the board from the outside edge of the nail towards the centre and not with back-and-forth movements.
  6. With a nail buff, gently buff the surface of each nail to remove scratches and ridges.
  7. Apply a base coat containing keratin to protect your nails. Allow to dry.
  8. Apply two thin coats of colour, making sure to leave about one millimetre around the edge of the nail. Allow to dry.
  9. Apply a protective varnish. Allow to dry.
  10. With some moisturizing oil or cream, gently massage nails and cuticles.

For a luxurious pedicure, follow the same steps for your toenails.

Nail care tips for gorgeous nails

  • To fight soft or brittle nails, take vitamins A and C, plus an iron supplement. Natural sources are citrus fruits, carrots and leafy green vegetables.
  • Wear rubber gloves to do the dishes and any cleaning. Prolonged exposure to hot water and cleaning products can damage nails.
  • The presence of white spots in your nails can be the sign of a calcium deficiency.
  • Yellowish nails can be caused by smoking cigarettes or using coloured nail polish without a base coat. Soak nails in a mixture of warm lemon juice and olive oil to get rid of stains.
  • Winter is hard on nails, just as it is on skin. Apply moisturizer often, especially before going to bed.

A visit to the beauty salon

To get the ultimate in nail care, make an appointment for a mani-pedi at your beauty salon or spa. It’s a great way to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and get perfect nails!

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