Save on landscaping with these 3 simple pointers

October 9, 2015

Performing a landscaping project can revitalize the look of your home and garden, but it can also be pricey. We'll go over some simple tips that will help you save money while developing your ideal landscape.

Save on landscaping with these 3 simple pointers

1. Scope out new garden centres

  • Identify the neighbouring yards that you admire and ask the people who live there where they shop for plants and supplies. Then, visit the garden centre they recommend, but leave your chequebook or credit card at home.
  • Ask lots of questions about your garden's problems and needs without any obvious intention of buying anything. If the staff gives you ample attention and answers your questions coherently and completely, you'll feel happy coming back with your wallet.
  • It's the quality of information that the staff provides which makes the difference between a great garden centre and your average home and garden store.

2. Keep the grass

  • Your nursery and landscape store would prefer you didn't think about it, but decks, outdoor fountains, and even flower beds are generally more work for the homeowner than simple grass.
  • Decks need resealing periodically, fountains need their water skimmed and filters cleaned, and flower beds require weeding, deadheading, mulching, and more. Square foot for square foot, mowing a regular lawn is a comparative breeze.

3. Buy in the fall to save on plants and supplies

  • Your garden centre sure wishes that you'd pay top dollar by stocking up in the spring, because that's when demand is high for plants and supplies. But if you have the space to store items like potting soil, manure, and fertilizer, you'll save a bundle if you buy it in the fall, when merchants are trying to move out their inventory.
  • Planning a big landscaping job for next year? Order your fencing, stones, and other materials in the fall and store them over the winter for big savings.
  • Spring bulbs are usually planted in the fall and are unlikely to be discounted, but this is also usually the best time of year for planting trees, shrubs, and many perennial. Some garden centres may be overstocked on these plants as winter approaches.
  • Landscaping contractors may be eager to squeeze in a final job after most other people have stopped thinking about their lawns and gardens. This gives you more room to negotiate a lower price.

Landscaping is important to keep your home and garden fresh, but you don't need to spend more than necessary. Use these simple tips to save a bundle on materials and labour.

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