5 simple shoe storage ideas

November 6, 2014

If shoe storage is a problem, these simple solutions will keep your footwear hidden yet handy, so you never have to scramble to find your favourite pair again.

5 simple shoe storage ideas

1. Buckets and bins

With a bookshelf, you have instant shoe storage possibilities.

  • Use buckets or bins that coordinate with your décor and fit on your bookshelves.
  • Toss your shoes in when you take them off and you won't have to worry about tripping over them on the floor.
  • If you have space, assign a bin to every member of the family. When you find an errant shoe, toss it into the owner's bin. This way, they will always know where to find their footwear.

2. Storage ottomans

Storage ottomans are decorative and a multi-functional shoe storage solution.

  • Put one in the bedroom to hold off-season shoes and keep one in the living room to toss the kids' shoes in when they aren't wearing them.
  • Get them in the habit of stashing their shoes in the ottoman and you'll never have to pick up stray footwear again.

3. Wall mounted coat racks

Who knew that coat racks weren't just for coats? A hanging coat rail with hooks makes an excellent place to stash sneakers and other shoes.

  • Hang one near an entrance to hold muddy shoes so you don't track dirt into the house.
  • Place one of these in your closet below your clothes to keep shoes off the floor and out of the way.
  • They will still be easy to access, but less likely to get stepped on and damaged.

4. Wine crates

Sectioned wine crates are practically begging to be used for shoe storage, especially if you stack them on their sides.

  • Crates sectioned to hold six or twelve bottles are perfect for holding the same number of pairs of shoes, depending on the shoe size and style.
  • If you want a more polished look, sand the wine crates down with sanding paper and paint them to match your room décor.

5. Sliding tray

A deep serving tray can pull double duty as a shoe depository near entryways, especially if you can hide it away under furniture.

  • If you have hardwood floors, apply felt pads to the bottom of the tray so it will slide easily without scratching the floor.
  • Set muddy or wet shoes on the tray, then slide the tray under a bench or piece of furniture with space underneath large enough to accommodate it.
  • If you don't have a piece of furniture to disguise the tray and footwear, simply store the tray near the entry from your garage or garden for a designated place to stash rain boots or garden shoes.
  • The tray will catch any mud or drips and your shoes will stay organized.

Keeping your shoes organized means you can grab the perfect pair and run out the door with ease.

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