Summer motorcycle adventure

November 3, 2015

If it's freedom that you seek, there is no better way to find it than behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. With the wind in your face and the open road before you, it is a one of a kind freedom. If you want to explore North America on your motorcycle, here is why you should make seeing every professional baseball stadium your ultimate goal.

Summer motorcycle adventure

1. Stadiums are located throughout America

From Seattle to Florida, and from New York to LA, there is a Major League baseball stadium in every corner of the United States. For those living in the eastern parts of Canada, a U.S. tour could begin in Boston's famous Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox and the infamous "Green Monster," then continue down to Yankee Stadium in New York, and further down the east coast.

For those starting out in the west, the Seattle Mariner's Safeco Field would begin their tour, followed by the San Francisco Giant's AT&T Field, located right on the water, and then Dodger Stadium. No matter where you begin, the location and number of stadiums will provide you with a perfect route throughout the contiguous U.S.

2. The stadiums are beautiful, historic, and fun

Whether you're interested in architecture, local history, or are there just to watch the game, each of the thirty stadiums will be fun to visit. For instance, the Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas is constructed entirely from red granite, and features beautiful bas-relief friezes throughout. Similarly, Wrigley Field, in Chicago, is known for its red marquee, its hand-turned scoreboard, and the ivy covered brick wall built in its outfield.

Go to Fenway Park in Boston if you'd like to visit the oldest continually run professional baseball stadium in the United States. It originally opened in 1912, making it more than 100 years old today. Although the stadium features modern improvements like better lighting and luxury boxes, bits of the past can be found throughout. Find the "Lone Red Seat" in Section 42, signifying the longest home run ever hit in the park.

3. It's a great way to meet other baseball and motorcycle fans

Baseball games are gathering places for people of all types. Often, they also include outdoor barbecuing, tailgating, and other social activities. For those who are travelling around the U.S., what better way is there to meet like-minded strangers along the way? This is especially the case for motorcyclists, since they will often park in the same area.

Use the opportunity to meet local Americans, get tips about what to see and do in the city or on the way to your next destination, or just make some new friends. It's the perfect way to not just see all of America, but to really experience it, too.

4. It's the perfect time of year

The Major League baseball seasons typically plays from early April until mid-October, which means this is the perfect time of year for seeing the country on your motorcycle. From the cool coastlines of the Pacific Northwest to the hot and dry deserts of Arizona and the ocean breezes of Florida, the weather will be comfortable throughout the States. Plus, the baseball season is long and there is a game being played nearly everyday, giving you plenty of time to drive around without being in a rush. See the best side of the U.S. while staying relaxed.

It's ambitious, but seeing all 30 of the Major League baseball stadiums in America can be done. Start planning your trip and experience all that these stadiums, cities, and states have to offer.

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