Tips for buying a bathroom scale

December 26, 2014

Whether you’re working at maintaining your weight or trying to shed some extra pounds, you need a bathroom scale that’s accurate and reliable. Today’s scales can do more than just record your weight. They can give greater insight into your overall health. Here are some tips on finding a scale that works for you.

Tips for buying a bathroom scale

Types of bathroom scales

Scales are electronic or mechanical and, depending on your needs, can reveal your weight along with other health facts.

Keep in mind that some digital scales and body scales use an electric current for measurement that can interfere with pacemakers and other internal medical devices.

Mechanical scale: Also called a spring scale, this type doesn’t need batteries but offers little in the way of extra features.

  • If you want a basic and affordable scale, choose a mechanical one, but be aware that they can become less accurate over time.

Digital or electronic scale: Electronic and digital bathroom scales use electronic displays to show your weight.

  • They often have extra features and are generally more accurate than their mechanical counterparts.
  • Some work with a spring, but more expensive models use electric currents to measure your weight.

Body analysis scale: If you want to know more than just your weight, body analysis scales can read your body-mass index and other weight indicators.

  • A programmable body scale can remember your age, height and gender for a more accurate reading, and they can often help track your progress.

Bathroom scale features

With extra features, your scale can be easier to use and provide you with extra important information.

Weight measurements and increments: Most scales will measure your weight in pounds or kilograms, but some will also give your weight in stone.

  • For a more accurate reading, look for scales that display your weight in 0.2 or smaller increments.

Backlit display: Your digital scale should be easy to read, so look for a clear backlit display that you can see without squinting.

Memory: Rather than tracking your weight loss yourself, many scales can remember user information for an accurate timeline of your weight loss.

  • More advanced models can remember multiple people, perfect for families who want to get fit together.

Solar power: Solar powered scales save you from constantly replacing batteries. Just remember to keep yours in a bright, well-lit room.

Factors to consider when buying a bathroom scale

With scales, there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

Always check the weight capacity on a scale before purchase to make sure it can accurately read your weight.

If you have larger feet or mobility issues, an extra-large platform makes measuring much easier.

Your needs

Look for a scale that meets your needs. If you’re serious about fitness, a scale that tracks your progress and analyzes your body is ideal.

If you’re simply monitoring your weight fluctuations over time, an affordable mechanical scale will be a perfect fit.

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