How to find the perfect beans for your cup of coffee

January 5, 2015

Anyone who loves a good cup of coffee knows how important finding just the right blend is. Discover the factors you'll need to consider to make the best choice.
Buying coffee mean choosing beans that are roasted and ground. Knowing what types of beans are available is the first step to buying coffee beans.

How to find the perfect beans for your cup of coffee

Types of coffee beans

The vast majority of coffee beans come from two varieties: arabica and robusta. Arabica beans are widely considered the superior coffee bean, and they're used to produce about 70 per cent of the global supply.Indigenous to Ethiopia and Yemen, they are nowgrown all over the world.

Robusta is considered a lower grade of bean, mostly used in instant coffee or canned grounds. They're typically grown for its hardy nature and ability to thrive where arabica cannot.

Coffee bean styles

Not all brews are alike. Here are some of the terms you’ll encounter when shopping for coffee beans:

Green coffee beanshave not yet been roasted so they contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid—a chemical thought to have health benefits for people with heart disease or diabetes.

Kona coffeeis cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is one of the world’s most expensive coffees.

Fair trade coffeeis produced to very specific standards that promote sustainable environmental farming and greater equity for farmers. The “fair trade” label also prohibits child labour.

Decaffeinated coffeeis the drink of choice for those who love their coffee but not the accompanying energy kick. Decaffeination happens when unroasted green beans are steamed and rinsed with a solvent.

Organic coffeeproducers grow their beans without artificial chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, which makes this type of coffee easier on the environment. Many people say the flavour is the very best.

Factors to consider when buying coffee beans

Before you can become a coffee connoisseur, you’ll also want to know the region where it was grown and what flavours that area produces.

  1. If you like a bright flavour with a bit of a fruity undertone, you might try beans from Kenya.
  2. Indonesian-grown beans are great for a bold, earthy brew.
  3. Brazilian beans have a smooth, nutty flavour.
  4. Colombian beans produces a rich, clean, full-tasting brew.

The way the beans are roasted is also very important. Roast types include:

  1. American: Medium-roasted for a flavour that’s not too strong or too mild.
  2. French: Heavily roasted for a very strong flavour.
  3. Italian: Used mainly for strong espresso-style drinks.

Getting up early in the morning may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but having the right coffee sure makes it easier. Wake up to the right beans and a good coffee bean grinder, and you’re ready to face the day.


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