3 simple steps to organizing your closet for good

November 6, 2014

3 simple steps to organizing your closet for good

1. Start making piles

Begin on Saturday morning. Start with those shoes that pinch your feet or the cute little top that has a huge mystery stain down its front.

  • Make a pile of things to get rid of by selling them online or donating them to a charity shop.
  • Make another pile of things you will actually use from the remaining clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • If you have a small closet, keep the selection seasonal.
  • Clothes should be the right size and in good condition.
  • Avoid deluding yourself with thoughts of getting rid of those 10 unwanted pounds or repairing that lace dress that got caught in the car door.
  • For out-of-season items or things you just cannot part with, get vacuum-seal bags and stash them under the bed.

2. Devise a plan

By Saturday afternoon, you should be set to make a plan.

  • Your clothes and accessories should fit into the closet space in a way that is visible and easy to navigate.
  • If your closet has a traditional hanging rail and a shelf above, consider pulling all that out and putting in a free standing closet unit or installing a metal or plastic unit that combines hanging space with cubby holes and shelving.
  • Taking the time to repair walls, if necessary, and repainting the closet will give it a fresher, cleaner look.

Before buying a unit, inventory the clothing and accessories you want easy access to, then choose a plan or unit that fits your needs.

  • Do you have a dresser, or will you store items such as socks and underwear in the closet?
  • If the latter, make certain to choose a unit with shelves that can hold baskets or bins.
  • By Saturday night, you should have the new unit in place.

3. Accessorize your closet

Take Sunday morning off and shop for closet accessories in the afternoon.

  • Invest in some plastic hangers since metal hangers can rust and ruin clothing.
  • Consider expanding storage space with over-the-door shoe caddies and hanging racks that hold a number of belts or scarves.
  • If there is wall space along the sides of the closet, you can put in units for belts, scarves and even jewellery.

By the time Monday morning rolls around, you'll feel thrilled when pulling your look together is nothing less than a breeze!

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