Why prefab kitchen cabinets might work best for you

December 22, 2014

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, consider prefab cabinets an option that offers a great fit at a competitive price.

Why prefab kitchen cabinets might work best for you

When you're considering new kitchen cabinets during a renovation, you have to ask yourself some questions: What are your needs? What can you afford? What are your space limitations? What best reflects your individual taste?

While custom cabinets can be a beautiful and tailored addition to any home, they have the potential to get expensive. Here are some tips to explain why prefab kitchen cabinets might work best for you and your new kitchen.

Considering prefab cabinets?

The main reasons you should be considering prefab kitchen cabinets are:

  • Quality differences
  • Competitive pricing
  • Standard versus non-standard features
  • Flexibility and fit

Material concerns

Prefab cabinets used to have a bit of a stigma for being a conventional, out-of-the-box solution made with poorer materials. However, since building materials, manufacturing, design and key part imports have come so far since prefab cabinets first appeared in the suburbs, prefab cabinets are worlds away from what they used to be.

Pricing it out

The biggest factor in price differences between custom and prefab kitchen cabinetry relies on the size of your kitchen. It makes perfect sense that requiring customized builds in a bigger room would be more expensive than in a smaller room, and that the standardized sizing of prefab cabinets would come cheaper. This is not to say that custom cabinets aren't great value, but that, often, budgets do not allow for a fully customized build.

Special features

Some elements of prefab cabinets, such as soft-close drawers and doors, come standard, but can often be an expensive add-on with custom cabinets. Also, a number of areas have environmental laws that require prefab cabinets to have better quality glues and finishes, which in turn, improves the overall quality of the cabinet.

Fit and flex

Another plus for prefab cabinetry is that they allow you some degree of flexibility should you wish to change your kitchen layout, or install an appliance that requires a bit of a rework. Because prefabricated cabinets are available in standardized sizes, swapping units into spaces is a little simpler and may not require calling a specialized contractor to rebuild, should you need to change your cabinet layouts.

Finishing it off

Planning any kitchen renovation can be stressful because of how many options are available. If you have a designer or contractor that you trust, you should certainly defer to their expertise and ask them why prefab kitchen cabinets might work best for you in your renovations. They’ve come a long way, are durable and offer features people love.

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