Your easy system for house cleaning

Cleaning an entire room, let alone a home, can be a daunting task. No longer is that the case with this comprehensive and handy system.

Your easy system for house cleaning

Before you start cleaning, make sure that all required cleaning materials are on hand. You won't need heavy-duty chemicals, even for your annual spring-cleaning. A mild all-purpose cleaner, vinegar, lemon and some type of furniture maintenance product will do the trick.

Set aside adequate time for housecleaning and wear comfortable, old clothing that you don't mind getting sweaty and dirty. You might also want to wear nonslip shoes and gloves, along with eye protection, depending on the type of work.Want a time-honoured system for cleaning? Observe these three rules:

• From top to bottom

• From back to front

• Clean the same items at the same time (e.g., clean all the glass, wash all the surfaces, etc.). Start by clearing the cobwebs from the ceiling, polish the wood and glass, dust, clean all upholstered surfaces and so forth, ending with the floors. Always work from the back corner of a room toward the door. Right-handed people usually work more effectively from right to left, and lefties from left to right.

Clean everything

Take on just one manageable area every day, e.g., on the first day the bedroom; the next day the bathroom and so forth. Make sure you're thorough, that you take everything in your home into account and clean every aspect of what it is you're cleaning.

• Move the furniture and clean neglected corners.

• Clear out your clothes closet and weed out pieces you haven't worn in a long time. A good rule of thumb: if you haven't worn it for a year, toss it!

• Check the freezer for stale foods and discard them; then defrost (if necessary) and clean.

• Check stored food supplies in the pantry for freshness and toss out any that have gone bad.

• Clear out the basement and storage sheds and earmark usable items for a yard sale.

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