A no-nonsense guide to keeping your home organized

An organized home is easier to keep clean and eliminates the stress of scrambling to prepare when guests are arriving. Use this guide to make it a reality.

A no-nonsense guide to keeping your home organized

Organizing your house affords you a litany of advantages over a disorganized and cluttered home. Everything from making it easier to find items in your home to clearing out space for a new furnishing theme is possible through organization.

Getting started with a plan to whip your home into shape will make the difference between this being another unfinished project or the remedy you and your family need.

Planning to win

Start by drafting a detailed plan for your home organization project. Use paper or a mobile device for your list so that you can take it with you as you move from each room of your house.

The smaller you can make each step, the quicker you are able to compete it and feel the rush of accomplishment in the process. Instead of viewing the entire project as an unwieldy undertaking, simply keep taking single steps until you reach the finish line.

Your plan should be divided by sections of rooms, and even a single room can have a few separate and daunting tasks. Your bedroom has furniture, storage for clothing, shoes, electronics and more. Break the room into sections such as bedding, furniture and closets instead.

Organizing tips

Plan to either sell, donate, recycle or throw away the things that have helped create the disorder in your home. In choosing what to keep and what to get rid of, only you can know what is worthy to hold on to or pitch.

One way to choose is by asking yourself how long it has been since you used the item in question, how long before you could see yourself using it again, and how much space it takes to keep the item when weighed against how frequently you plan to use it.

Storage containers are effective in keeping items neatly stowed away and easily identifiable when you need them. Translucent bins are best for being able to find what you need at a glance. Be sure to group like things to make finding them easier in the future.

Take action

Set aside parts of days to accomplish your mission. Enlist the help of others, and make sure to divide your time with realistic expectations for how much work you can finish in any one area.

Once you have finished organizing your home, make a commitment to maintain order to avoid having to repeat the process in the future.

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