10 tips to help you use storage space efficiently

December 21, 2014

Do you need to create more space in your home, or are you doing renovations and have decided to store some of your belongings in a mini-warehouse? If you’re going to be paying for the service, you’ll want to use your storage space as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to help you get organized.

  1. Use boxes of the same size as much as possible. They’ll be easier to stack, which will allow you to use your storage space efficiently. If your boxes aren’t uniform, place the heaviest items in small boxes and the light items in large ones. That way, you’ll have less difficulty carrying your boxes.
  2. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to be stacked. Fill them well, as they may collapse if you leave any empty spaces.
  3. Store your belongings in a way that allows proper ventilation. Don’t place them directly on the ground. Use boards or wooden pallets on the floor. Nor should you place them right up against the walls. Protect your things with blankets rather than plastic, which locks in humidity.
  4. Leave a passage in the centre of the storage unit so you can easily reach all of your belongings. Well-labelled boxes allow for easier identification.
  5. Place the items you may need later on in the front of the storage unit including seasonal clothing, tires and tools.
  6. Use the maximum headroom by placing the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the fragile items on top. If you’re stacking boxes on top of your furniture, protect it with cardboard or you might damage the surfaces as you push and pull boxes around.
  7. Use your furniture and appliances for storage. Dresser drawers or refrigerator shelves can be useful for storing small items. You can also turn your garbage cans into a toolbox.
  8. Take apart anything that includes detachable parts, such as tables and bed frames. This will help you optimize your storage space.
  9. Stack chairs seat to seat. You can intersperse towels or blankets between the seats to prevent the backs from touching the ground.
  10. Place picture frames and mirrors upright (not flat), and be sure to store these fragile objects last.

Be clever and plan ahead

You should always keep a list of what you have stored and where. This not only lets you know exactly what is in your storage unit, but it also facilitates insurance claims in the case of any damage.

Lastly, since stacking boxes is the best way to efficiently use storage space, here's a tip: use a stepladder when the stacks get too high.

10 tips to help you use storage space efficiently
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