15 must-have essentials for your wardrobe

March 7, 2015

Key basics are essential, timeless and versatile. Worn in constant rotation, they help you create fresh new looks simply by mixing and matching them with the clothes you already own.

15 must-have essentials for your wardrobe

Essential pieces are always:

  • Quality garments built to last
  • Simple enough to coordinate with everything
  • Flattering and enhance your body type and shape
  • Easily replaceable once they become worn out or don’t fit anymore

Top five non-negotiable items

Here are five pieces that can be worn at all times and on all sorts of occasions: at the office, with family, evening outings, happy hour, weekends and even to the grocery store. The look is effortlessly pulled together.

  1. The little black dress (LBD), knee-length (approximately), understated and elegant
  2. A classic white shirt with long sleeves and a folded collar
  3. A formal neutral-tone trouser (straight-cut or slightly flared)
  4. A classic blazer to pair with any unmatched bottom (black, grey or other neutral)
  5. A simple skirt, either pencil or flared depending on your body type.

Top five timeless classics

These items make an immediate impact. They add style and versatility to your other clothes, and without them, your wardrobe would be rather dull.

1. A pair of straight-cut, five-pocket jeans in your favourite rinse of blue

2. A straight-cut faded jean jacket with long sleeves

3. A Perfecto leather jacket or classic dress coat in black or brown wool, or camel hair

4. A trench coat or three-quarter length raincoat in beige, navy, grey or black

5. Long tank tops in various colours, worn alone or layered under a shirt, jacket, sweater or a sheer blouse

Top five must-have accessories

1. A comfortable black high-heeled shoe

2. A pair of comfortable flats (to take a break from heels)

3. A classic and functional handbag in black or brown

4. At least one good belt to wear with jeans and another more formal one for dressing up

5. A silk or cashmere scarf (or other light material)

Don't forget!

  • Beautiful clothes are not only punctuated by your accessories, but also by the undergarments you choose.Too often we overlook the bare necessities of shape-wear and seamless, micro fibre underwear. If your control-top pantyhose aren’t doing the trick, slimming undergarments work wonders toning and defining your curves.An absolute must!
  • Tights are equally important. Experiment with different textures, colours and patterns to add a little whimsy to the chilly season.
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