3 hints for avoiding hotel construction noise

December 17, 2014

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than the deafening roar of power tools. Here are three simple hints to help you avoid the hassle of ending up at noisy hotel that's under construction.

Unfortunately it’s a familiar story: we research a hotel, learn about the amenities and nearby attractions, book a room and the excitement grows. The second we check in and unpack, the shrill sound of a circular saw sends a wave of regret down our spine. The hotel—or one of its neighbours—is under construction. Here are three ways to avoid getting stuck with this problem.

3 hints for avoiding hotel construction noise

1. Always check online reviews first

Many hotel review sites exist to allow guests to publish their experiences. Some are better than others. Check sites where the hotel cannot moderate the reviews and comments.

These sites will usually have reviews from guests that have stayed at your booked hotel very recently, giving you an objective look into other guests’ experiences. If there happens to be construction going on at (or near) the hotel, chances are there will be one or more guest reviews covering it and providing an idea of how disturbing the inconvenience was for them.

Some reviewers will let you know what times of the day the construction is going on and the extent of the noise.

2. Ask hotel front desk staff

Sometimes your research on hotel construction can only take you so far. With that in mind, it's good idea to call the hotel in advance and ask the front-desk staff if there is any ongoing construction you should know about.

Be specific with your questions. If told the hotel is not under construction, ask if there is any nearby work that can be heard from the room. Ask to speak to another staff member or the hotel manager if staff are unsure and can't provide a clear answer.

Be sure to note their name and your conversation, just in case you find construction you weren't warned about when you arrive.

3. Ask to be moved

If you arrive to your hotel room to find there is construction loud enough to disturb you, then there is only one way to deal with it. Call the front desk and ask to be moved to a room further away from the source of the racket.

With a little assertiveness, you should be able to get moved to another floor or side of the building. With a little luck, you could even wind up getting a room upgrade for your inconvenience. Just be sure to address the hotel staff calmly and politely. Most employees will be to happy to accommodate you.

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