4 tech gadgets for the avid runner

October 13, 2015

Modern technological devices have been developed to help runners optimize their performance. If you're a runner who wants to improve your speed and enhance your physical well-being, consider these four kinds of gadgets. They can help make your running experience easier, faster, and more informative.

4 tech gadgets for the avid runner

1. Fitness tracker

Fitness tracking devices are all the rage these days. They not only track the number of steps you take during the day, but they also record the calories you burn and the quality of your sleep.

Many of these devices can also sync up to a related app. These apps keep track of information that's highly relevant to runners, like distance, the duration of a run, how many calories they burned, and how they are progressing over time.

Many of these fitness trackers are also lightweight. As such, you can slip it on easily before you head out for a run.

2. GPS watches

If a fitness tracker is a little too much, and you just want a device that keeps track of where you are, why not try a GPS watch?

These watches can help you track how far you've travelled and how much further you have left to go. Or, if you're out on a run in a new place, one of these GPS watches can help you find out where you are.

3. MP3 players

MP3 Players have been around for a while now, but they're still some of the better options for listening to music or podcasts on your run.

These players come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can generally be placed in a pocket or clipped onto your sleeve. Though there are a select few models that you can wear as sunglasses, too.

The real benefit of having an MP3 player with you on your run, though, is that whatever you're listening to can encourage you to push yourself that extra little bit.

4. Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors for athletes (especially runners) are nothing new. But more recent models of these devices add the extra convenience of an app into their use.

Plus, there are some heart rate monitors that communicate wirelessly with their respective app. This means that you can store information about your heart rate while running and analyze it later.

Some of these monitors also have the ability to measure blood flow and body movement during a run.

Help yourself succeed in the running world

These four types of gadgets are just some of the new tech that's available to runners. To find what's best for you, make a list of your requirements, and then search for the tools you need to succeed in the running world.

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