4 types of billboards that can get your business noticed

December 12, 2014

Learn more about four high-impact business billboard options that will make your message stand out.

If you live in a city, you probably see dozens of billboards every day. Because they’re usually only seen at a glance, billboards are designed to capture attention and make a strong impression very quickly. That’s why you’ll commonly see billboards with bright colours and short, witty copy.

Although they all might look very similar, there are many different types of billboards out there that advertisers can choose from. Billboards come in all kinds of sizes and at different prices. High traffic areas can demand much higher fees than lower traffic areas. Billboards can come in all shapes and sizes.

4 types of billboards that can get your business noticed

1. Standard billboards

These are the most common billboards you see on a daily basis. The ads are often printed on paper, and applied to the billboard by workers. Some billboards are still hand-painted.

2. Digital billboards

Digital billboards are becoming increasingly common. They are very convenient for both the supplier and the advertiser because they allow ads to be launched instantly, without the need for workers to take down and paste the new advertisement. Advertisers can also order billboards for specific time slots during the day. Digital billboards also allow video, running text, and animation.

3. Tri-boards

These billboards are becoming less common as large digital displays decrease in price, but they are still being used around the world and have advantages over standard billboards. A tri-board allows for space to be rented out in thirds, and the signs change between those three advertisements throughout the day. This system has potential to generate more revenue for the owner of the billboard.

4. Wallscape

Wallscape billboards are the largest type of billboard that advertisers can buy. They are often used as the signature piece in an outdoor advertising campaign. They come in many different sizes, often over 700 square feet. Some are hand painted, some are printed, and they are very popular because of the lasting impression that make.

Billboards have been used in advertising campaigns since 1867 and they are still a very popular medium for advertisements. With the invention of digital billboards, a whole new era has begun in billboard advertising and the technology is getting better and better every year.

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