5 easy rules to coordinate your shoes with any outfit

March 7, 2015

5 easy rules to coordinate your shoes with any outfit

Congratulations! You’ve selected an outfit and you’ve got the right accessories. Now what to do about the shoes? If you suffer from the "I have nothing to wear!” syndrome, read on. We’ve compiled expert tricks to help you pick the right shoe for every occasion.

1. You don’t need to match the exact colour of your dress with your shoe.

  • Too often we become hung up on colour scheme. Aim to complement the outfit with the style of shoe rather than its colour.
  • Wearing a red and white checkered houndstooth dress? Don’t match it with red and white checkered shoes! Instead, opt for a modern neutral like silver.

2. Think of the the rule of three (colours).

  • This rule of thumb will help you sidestep colour coordination mistakes. Stick to wearing a maximum of no more than three colours at a time.
  • This applies to your outfit, shoes and accessories. While you may occasionally see a more daring fashionista get away with more colours, in general, less is always more.

3. Opt for only one printed statement piece at a time.

If you’re wearing prints and patterns, don’t attempt to match it with a patterned shoe. Stick to this rule and avoid looking too matchy-matchy.

4. Pick the right heel height.

  • How high should you go? The answer depends on the style and cut of the garment you wear.
  • Keep in mind that a heel should accentuate and elongate the leg.
  • On the other hand, a super high heel with short shorts, for example, is too much of a good thing and will teeter on tacky.
  • Shorts look better with a kitten heel or flat sandal. Meanwhile, ballerina shoes look charming with a trumpet skirt.

5. Pick a shoe that's appropriate for the occasion.

  • Don’t sell yourself short by wearing the same shoe at every opportunity.
  • A heel is perfect for a cool night out, while a sandal or ballerina flat work well in the country or at a picnic, but not vice versa.

Above all, keep in mind that your choice of shoe should reflect the context in which you’ll be wearing them. These rules set the standard and will save you from a fashion faux pas.

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