5 healthy fitness ideas for more active weekends

July 28, 2015

The work week can sometimes be so crazy it leaves you exhausted for ideas to keep you and the family active on Saturday and Sunday. Here are five healthy suggestions for squeezing in some fun physical fitness over the weekend.

5 healthy fitness ideas for more active weekends

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1. Spruce up the yard – manually

Many types of yard work, from leaf raking to digging and mowing, build upper-body strength and burn excess calories.

  • One major study recently found that yard work was the best all-round physical activity for helping to prevent osteoporosis. If you wish to reap the most benefits, don't make it too convenient for yourself: rake the leaves instead of using a leaf blower.
  • Use a lawnmower that you must push rather than one that is self-propelled. Why? The more you use your own body, the more calories you burn.

2. Go for a long bike ride

During the week you probably don't have much opportunity (or time) to ride your bike. That's why on weekends you should allow yourself the luxury of riding for half the day or more, if you're so inclined.

  • Scout out a local route or put the bike in your car and drive to a great cycling location. You can usually find lots of great cycling paths near your home by doing a quick online search.
  • Don't forget to take along plenty of healthy snacks, some cash, and ensure your cellphone is fully charged if you get stuck or need a lift home. A lightweight backpack can hold all the gear you'll need.

3. Join a sports club

Many outdoors organizations and sports clubs arrange group hikes and other outings on the weekend. In fact, there are a surprisingly large number of walking, cycling, bird watching or running clubs in most areas that also have regular weekend events.

  • Fitness centres, regional parks and municipal websites are a great place to start your search for a local club that suits your interests.

4. Be one of the kids

Don't just push the kids out the door and then spend the rest of the afternoon inside reading or cleaning. Join them!

  • Find a tree and climb it with your children.
  • Spend the day skating, swimming or simply playing tag.
  • Teach your children to fly a kite or ride a bicycle.

It doesn't matter how old you are, you'll enjoy the time spent with your kids or grandkids – and perhaps even rediscover your inner child all over again.

5. Take the family camping

Camping is one of the best ways to bond with your kids: there's nothing quite like the great outdoors to put your body into an active, calorie-burning state or to create happy memories your children will recall forever.

  • After you've set up your campsite, you can look into other activities such as swimming, canoeing and hiking to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and your time spent with family.

For many of us, Saturday and Sunday are when we catch up on things we couldn't do during the week, like taking part in fun, family activities and exercise. With these great ideas you and the family can be more active and enjoying the great outdoors all weekend.

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