8 tips for a smoother, safer move

July 27, 2015

Moving can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. With this advice, you could move a little faster while keeping you, and your possessions, safe.

8 tips for a smoother, safer move

1. Collect small, sturdy boxes

  • Smaller, well-built boxes are easier to carry and won't be too heavy when filled.
  • Bulky but lightweight items, such as pillows and blankets, can go in larger boxes.
  • Buy heavy-duty package-sealing tape and some marking pens.

2. When you pack, use newspaper

  • Don't let newsprint touch your possessions, because it's likely to release ink.
  • Use plain tissue paper for the first layer, then use newspaper as padding.
  • Or, use bubble wrap and packing peanuts instead.

3. Use wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are available at many moving stores and truck rental companies. They're specially designed to keep hanging clothes safe during your move.

4. Pack fragile items carefully

  • Moving and truck-rental stores sell special crates for mirrors and glass.
  • Glassware wrapped carefully in tissue paper can be nested three or four at a time, but stemware must be wrapped individually.
  • If you have collected some liquor or wine cartons with cardboard dividers, you can neatly pack the wrapped bundles inside.

5. Pack your truck

  • Pack your truck tightly and carefully to prevent damage.
  • Load large pieces of furniture first, then fill in the spaces with boxes and smaller items.
  • Strap large items to the truck walls.
  • A furniture dolly with straps is essential for moving heavy appliances.

6. Learn how to use a dolly

  • To use a dolly, tilt the piece back to a helper, slide the dolly under it and then set it back down. Tighten the strap firmly.
  • You can also use a dolly to move stacks of boxes, unless stairs pose a problem.

7. Lift with your legs, not with your back

  • Repeated lifting of even moderately heavy pieces can produce serious strain.
  • To move a heavy piece down a flight of stairs, lay it on a quilt or heavy blanket. Have a couple of strong people control the descent of the piece with their shoulders as they back down the steps, lifting the leading edge of the "skid" slightly with their hands as they go.

8. Move that couch with legs

To move a couch with legs, lay it on its back or side on a heavy blanket or a moving quilt and slide it along.

Packing and moving your own belongings is quite doable, especially if you haven't yet amassed a large houseful of goods. It is important to plan your move carefully and to take every precaution against back strain or injury.

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