Second time's a charm: make a second wedding special

November 14, 2014

What's the proper etiquette for a second wedding? Below are some tips for creating a stunning second wedding celebration that easily rivals your first one.

Second time's a charm: make a second wedding special

Say 'yes' to the dress

Whether you had a large first wedding with all the trimmings, or you're planning a blowout for your second, the dress remains the most important part of the process. For a second wedding, choices are unlimited. Beautiful gowns in shades of blush, ivory, champagne or light grey are becoming increasingly popular. Choose a design that fits your theme, whether it's country-chic or haute couture — and don't forget to have a blast with your favourite colour palette.

A ceremony on a dime

In most cases, brides and grooms cover their encore weddings themselves, so many end up being civil ceremonies or small backyard weddings. Just because this tends to be the norm, it doesn't mean an extravagant religious ceremony is out of the question. Visit the internet for ideas and shop for local vendors to ensure you get the most value for your money. There are also tons of DIY options for photo booth props, dessert tables and party favours online, which can help keep costs down.

Family matters

Since it's common for second weddings to involve families with children blending together, getting them involved adds a great personal and emotional touch. Consider a family medallion ceremony or a unity candle ceremony during the event, or perhaps appoint them as best men and maids of honour. For younger children, joining in the fun as a ring bearer or flower girl can be the perfect way to integrate them into the festivities.


A "family moon" is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional couple-only honeymoon. Spending a family vacation in a fun locale with your new family unit is the perfect start to a beautiful new home life for each member of the blended family. Consider a lakeside cabin, theme park or other family-friendly locations.

Combining these ideas with your own personal style can ensure a happy beginning for your new family. Match your flowers, photography, cake and music vendors with your personal taste and budget to guarantee a stunning and tasteful celebration for you and your guests.

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