5 tips for successful bathroom decorating

Bathroom decorating can sometimes be tricky, mainly because of the modest dimensions of the average bathroom. But you don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater; it is possible to have a millionaire’s bathroom on a humble budget. All you need are a few wise tips to create a bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional.


If your bathroom is on the small side, opt for light colours; they’ll create the illusion of spaciousness. Be sure to choose paint with a glossy finish that catches the light. You can get a bit more daring with the accessories—use stronger colours that you can easily change after a few years to refresh the look without spending a lot.

If a relaxing atmosphere is what you're looking for, select warm colours for your bathroom decorating. And lastly, don’t forget to use water-resistant paint.


All you need now to make the room look bigger is the proper lighting, but don’t overdo it; there’s nothing relaxing about a bathroom that feels like a car dealer’s lot. Instead, put bright lights near the mirror and shower, where you need to be able to see well. Install dimmers so you can create a softer ambiance when you’re relaxing in the bath.


Are several people using the same bathroom? Choose a tilting mirror so everyone can adjust it for their height and light needs. The trompe-l’œil effect of mirrors is a key element in bathroom decorating; a mirror facing the door, for example, makes the room look bigger and more open.

4.Even more space

There are a few other tricks for making a bathroom look bigger: put in a recessed medicine cabinet, install wall-mounted faucets, hang shelves on a wall and put hooks behind the door for towels and bathrobes.

5.Low cost decorating

If you’d like to breathe new life into your bathroom without going broke, use a coat of paint to make it look like you just did a major remodel. There are paints available for just about every surface, including ceramic tiles, floors, bathtubs and furniture.

Simply changing a few accessories can give a whole new style to your bathroom decorating. Think about changing up the shower curtain, bath mat, faucets, door handles, mirror and even the waste basket. Add a few houseplants; they are adaptable to any type of decor and they add a calming effect to the room.

It’s your turn!

If you still feel unsure about bathroom decorating, don’t hesitate to ask a sales associate at the home renovation centre or home decorating store; a bit of savvy advice will have you ready to jump into your bathroom decorating with both feet!

5 tips for successful bathroom decorating
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