6 easy ways to get thicker hair

January 29, 2015

Stop dreaming about thick, luscious hair and turn your lifeless ‘do into that glamorous and voluptuous look right now. Here are a few simple ways anyone can get thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Invest in thickening hair products

Shampoos, conditioners and styling products all come in variations for thinning hair. Millions of people actually suffer from thinning hair, both men and women, which means there are tons of products on the market to help treat this condition. Hair products made for thinning hair can add instant volume and thickness and will only improve the situation with regular use. Products that aren’t designed specifically for this purpose can actually have the opposite effect, making hair limp and lifeless, so beware when product shopping.

Turn up the volume

Volume won’t actually make your hair thicker but it will certainly give it the illusion of being thicker. Use volume-boosting styling products before blow-drying your hair and always blow-dry your locks upside down. This will give your mane an extra volume boost, making it appear thicker and fuller than it actually is. Dry shampoo is another great volume-boosting product to add to your routine. It lifts hair at the roots and dries up excess oil, which can weigh your hair down.

Opt for layers

Keeping your hair a uniform length is going to make it look thinner and flatter. To allow it to achieve its maximum volume potential, opt for layers instead. This look can make your hair look thicker and fuller and will make it much easier to add volume and give your hair the illusion of thickness.

Consider a trendy bob

The longer your hair is, the flatter and more lifeless it will appear. Consider opting for a shorter hairstyle. It will immediately bounce with volume and give your locks a healthier, fuller appearance. Bonus: you’ll cut your styling time in half with a short, no-fuss hairstyle.

Try clip-on hair extensions

Hair extensions aren’t just for length; they can also add depth and thickness. Choose a clip-on set over a glue set as it’s a much healthier and easier alternative. Clip them in between your layers of hair, and in just a few minutes, your entire ‘do will appear thicker and much more voluminous.

Use essential oils

Essential oils like chamomile, lavender and rosemary are known for their hydrating properties, and also for thickening hair follicles. Just add a few drops into your conditioner and apply as usual. Regular use of these nourishing and fortifying nutrients will help thicken your hair and prevent breakage.

6 easy ways to get thicker hair
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