Grow eucalyptus with these 3 useful tips

Would you like to grow eucalyptus for its medicinal properties? Or perhaps just to add a little variety to your garden, but don't know where to start? Here are three things you need to know to grow eucalyptus.

Grow eucalyptus with these 3 useful tips

1. History

  • The taxonomy of the genus Eucalyptusa has been revised and many botanical names have been changed, although in most books the old names still prevail.
  • Thus, many different species classified as eucalyptus were grouped in the genus Corymbia in 1995.
  • Kino, a gum that flows from the tree when cut, is collected for commercial purposes from certain species such as the scribbly gum (E. haemostoma ) and Red Bloodwood (C. gummifera syn. E.gummifera).

Some species tend to be invasive in the southern hemisphere. This is not a plant that is well adapted to our winter environment.

2. Varieties

There are several varieties of eucalyptus.

  • Many species are distilled for their essential oil, including lemon eucalyptus (Corymbia Citriodora syn. Eucalyptus Citriodora), Lemon Ironbark (E. Staigeriana), with its scents of lemon and rosemary, and the Blue Gum tree (E. Globulus).
  • The Narrow-leaved Peppermint (E. Radiata) produces a fruity essential oil, with a note of camphor.
  • The Broad-leaved Peppermint (E. dives) is distinguished by its chemotype, which gives an essential oil with mint balsamic notes, used in toiletries and aromatherapy.
  • The essential oil ofE. smithii is also used in aromatherapy.

3. Gardening

Where to plant

Most species need sunlight, and do not tolerate low temperatures.

In Quebec, it can grow in a pot as a houseplant over the winter, and then out in the yard or on a balcony in the summer.


You only need to plant seeds.


Water regularly when rooting. Commercial plantations are generally laid out in groves to facilitate harvesting and increase productivity.

Pests et diseases

For most insects, the oils in the eucalyptus leaves are a deterrent. This plant is not prone to fungal diseases of the leaves. But invasion by beetles, particularly in times of drought, may cause dieback and even death in trees.

Harvest and preservation

The foliage of mature trees or regenerated bushy trees is harvested for steam distillation.

Now that the eucalyptus is no longer a mystery to you, you're ready to begin. Remember that it may hate our winter, so don't forget to bring it in!

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