Helpful tips on moving with pets

September 8, 2015

Be it cross-country or across town, a move can be hard on your pets. A little preparation and a consultation with your vet before shipping, driving or flying to your new home will ease the adjustment. Check out these helpful tips on how to make the whole ordeal easier.

Helpful tips on moving with pets

Moving your pets by air

  • If you're moving to a new province or country, consult a vet near your new home to be sure your pet meets your new home's health and vaccination requirements.
  • Before flying with or shipping a pet, check with your airline regarding what proof of health is required.
  • Consider this before air shipping: can your pet withstand extreme heat or cold in the cargo hold and on the tarmac?
  • And it might seem like the easiest way for pets to travel, but never sedate an animal travelling by air — it can be fatal.

Moving your fish

  • Air-shipping fish takes special planning, but it can be done.
  • Your aquarium needs to be emptied and packed, so your fish need interim boarding before and while travelling.
  • Ask at your local pet store for help.
  • They can help you figure out how to pack your fish in individual plastic bags, half air, half water, and how to box them to keep them from getting too much heat or cold.
  • Talk to your airline five to six weeks before your move for guidance regarding your aquatic airlift.

Moving pets by road

  • Acclimate your cat or dog to car travel with short trips around the neighbourhood before you set out on your road-trip.
  • Take time for toileting and exercise while travelling.
  • Don't let your dog off-leash and don't give your cat a chance to bolt during stops.
  • Pack a clean cat box with litter and familiar food, and bring an emergency photo of your pet in case it gets lost en route.

Moving your birds

  • Moving Petey over the road may be noisy, but should be safe — keep the ambient temperature inside the car moderate, cover the cage if that's what he likes, and never let him out, even in your motel room.
  • If flying with a feathered friend, check with your airline.
  • Most will not let birds travel in the cargo hold due to extreme temperatures and many will allow your bird to fly with you in the cabin.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when moving your pets and the experience will be that much easier for you and your pets.

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