Take the bite out of moving your pet

November 14, 2014

Pets become family members. Whether you have dogs, cats or more exotic pets, moving needs to be planned with their comfort in mind.

Take the bite out of moving your pet

Pets become family members. Whether you have dogs, cats or more exotic pets, moving needs to be planned with their comfort in mind. Here are some tips for moving pets, whether across town or to the other side of the world.

DIY or pet movers?

If you are just moving across town, it will probably be fine to move your pet yourself. Remember to use a kitty carrier and supply your pet with their favourite toys and blankets. Also, after the move, keep close tabs on animals until they settle in, as some may try to run away. Talk to your vet about the advisability of sedating or tranquilizing your pet during the journey.

Although pet movers can be expensive, there are times when it's advisable to use professionals.

  • Control is an issue. If, for example, you're driving to your new home and have a large dog, controlling your pet on the journey may be problematic. Also, control may be an issue if a number of dogs are moving. Remember, an accident or weather can cause delays.
  • Your move is long-distance or international. You'll be flying to your new home and so will your pets. They will fly in crates in the cargo hole of an airplane. Pet transport companies know the ropes and will be able to advise on things like import rules and regulations for international moves, necessary vaccinations, and perhaps even quarantine requirements.
  • Your are moving at a different time than your pets. In this case, they will need to be housed, looked after, and transported separately. Pet moving companies can pick up, house and look after animals, and will take them to the airport and then deliver them to your new home.

Choosing a pet moving company

With all of the complications of moving, price is certainly a pressing issue, so get a number of quotes before choosing a pet moving company. Check online for reviews of any pet service you are considering. Take references, and don't necessarily believe the glowing reviews on their website. Access their Better Business Bureau ratings and complaint history.

Also, check to see if they belong to a recognized pet moving organization, like the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Such organizations will have requirements for things like licenses and insurance for members, as well as vetted written references.

Taking the time to plan your pet's move and ensure his or her comfort will take some stress and strain out of moving.

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