How do hotel inspections actually work?

December 23, 2014

Did you know the government regulates some aspects of commercial property inspection, but not all? Here's what is really inspected at hotels and what isn't!

How do hotel inspections actually work?

Building codes and fire safety

Of course, like all commercial structures, hotels are inspected for a wide variety of building codes and safety standards. Fire plans and exits are reviewed, the fire safety of the structure itself is examined, and the building is checked regularly for structural integrity and electrical systems. Even things like ice and snow accumulation are verified in any place where workers are regularly present.

There are also many accessibility standards that must be inspected, from elevators to wheelchair ramps and staircase guard rails. So from a safety standpoint, these buildings are kept up to a quite rigorous standard. This is typical of all Canadian business institutions.

Restaurants in hotels

Just like any other restaurant, the hotel restaurant must pass inspection. Food safety is a major health and safety concern, and the government takes it very seriously. The actual methods of inspection, however, can be different from place to place, as it's not a federally regulated category.

Restaurant inspection is handled by provincial governments, local municipalities, and regional health authorities. Though there is a degree of variation across the country, the standards remain quite high in the different regions, and are generally maintained with vigilance.

Hotel room inspection

Here's the part that might really surprise you. The first thing you think about when you think "hotel inspection" is probably room cleanliness and guest facilities. Well, it turns out these things are not regulated by the government. Hotel room inspection is actually voluntarily regulated by the hotels themselves. But before you run to cancel all your reservations, remember that although there aren't specific government regulations surrounding the inspection of hotel rooms and guest facilities, the hotels do indeed employ inspectors.

To stay competitive and retain the trust of the public, hotels regularly hire private inspectors, or even more often, have inspectors on staff to do the hotel inspection and keep everything up to scuff. They check for cleanliness, quality of furniture, maintenance issues and the like. They even typically provide advice on hotel improvements that they see as worthwhile to invest in for the overall quality of the hotel.

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