How to buy a bed frame

December 29, 2014

Bed frames support your mattress and box spring. This guide will show you the types and features to look for when choosing a bed frame.

Types of bed frames and their features

Bed frames are available in several types:

Metal bed frame: The common metal frame consists of side rails bolted to bottom and top rails that are sized to fit the bed. Some are adjustable to accommodate different sized beds, and often there are bolt holes at both ends should you want to attach a headboard and footboard.

Platform bed frame: Platform beds eliminate the need for a box spring since the mattress rests directly on a solid or slatted box. They are usually low to the ground and sometimes include drawers accessible from the sides.

Four post bed frame: The classic four post bed has wood or metal box spring supports bolted to the head and foot boards. This design is also used in a canopy bed.

Captain's bed: Popular for kids’ rooms, captain's beds have a headboard and footboard fixed to a drawer unit that also serves as a mattress support.

Mission bed: The wooden mission-style bed features head and foot boards with vertical wood rails joined together with wooden side rails and horizontal slats to support the mattress. Other bed styles use this support system as well and they do not need a box spring. Look for quality slats that won’t sag in the centre.

Futon bed frame: Futon beds consist of a foldable frame in metal or wood, plus a bendable mattress, which acts as a sofa when folded and a bed when flat.

Bunk bed frame: Bunk bed frames are designed with sturdy wood or metal head and foot rails with mattress supports and a ladder for access to the top bunk. These are popular space savers for children’s rooms and holiday cottages. Some designs include a double bed frame on the bottom with a single bed frame on top.

Factors to consider before buying a bed frame:

Location: Consider which bed needs a frame and where it will be located. If you already own a mattress or mattress-box spring combination, look at frames with head and foot boards for a traditional look. You may not need anything other than a simple metal bed frame for a contemporary style. There are lots of choices for kids’ rooms from simple twin bed frames to space-saving bunks.

Storage: Bed frames with built-in storage are perfect for small rooms and guest rooms. Bed frames with side tables built into the headboard provide a neat, uncluttered look.

Finding the proper bed frame will support your mattress and make it last longer while keeping you comfortable all night long. Whether you go for a minimalist look or an elaborate one, the bed frame is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your room.

How to buy a bed frame
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