Tips for cleaning different coffee makers

July 28, 2015

Home espresso machines and coffee makers of all types need regular cleaning in order to go on producing the perfect cup of coffee. Mineral deposits from water can affect the taste and aroma of your coffee, as can a build-up of coffee bean oils or stale milk. Even a dirty mesh filter on a simple plunger can ruin a good cup

Tips for cleaning different coffee makers

1. Home espresso machine

  • Read your owner's manual and remember that no electric coffee maker should be immersed in water.A home espresso machine should always be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Some brands have a self-clean function at the press of a button. Others are a little more hands-on.
  • Before starting, make sure that the machine is unplugged.
  • The steam wand and froth head should be cleaned every time after frothing milk, by removing the froth head and rinsing it under warm tap water.
  • Wipe the steam wand with a damp cloth.
  • Turn on the power and briefly set the selector control to the Steam position to clear any remaining milk from the wand.

2. To clean filter, filter holder & brewing head

  • Remove used coffee grounds directly after use and rinse the stainless steel filters and filter holder under running water.
  • If the filter holes are blocked, use a nylon dishwashing brush or pin to dislodge any fine particles.
  • Wipe the brewing head with a damp cloth to remove any old coffee grounds.
  • Every so often, you should run water through the unit with the filter in place, but without any coffee, to clean out any old grounds and remove oxidised coffee oil, which could give your coffee a stale taste.

3. Pod or capsule espresso machines

These machines cut down on a lot of cleaning by operating with single-use doses of pre-packed coffee. They usually only require damp wiping or rinsing of removable components — and occasional de-scaling in hard water areas.


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