4 ways to save your favourite travel memories

November 6, 2014

If you love to travel, you know how wonderful it can be to experience a new place, meet new people, try new foods and immerse yourself in a whole new culture. But eventually the memories start to wane. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to preserve your favourite travel memories.

4 ways to save your favourite travel memories

1. Write it down

When you're travelling, be sure to bring along a notebook or two and write about your experiences as they happen. Record names and locations of the places you visit, the date when you saw them, names of the people you met and their contact information, places where you ate and drank, the distance you travelled, the mode of transportation you used and where you stayed. You can also record your impressions of the different areas you visited—such as the architecture, what the air smelled like—so that you'll remember how it felt to be there months or years later.

2. Take pictures

Pictures are, as the saying goes, worth a thousand words. Nothing can transport you back in time quite like revisiting your favourite vacation photos. Get creative with your picture taking. Snap shots of local streets and bustling cityscapes, as well as your favourite restaurants and any off-the-beaten-path spots you come across.

3. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are very useful for keeping track of your travels. Carry a folder or a pouch and slip in a variety of items related to your trip, including receipts, coasters, business cards, flyers, maps, subway tickets, brochures and other small items. When you get home, you can arrange your souvenirs in a scrapbook if you like, or just hang on to the folder as a reminder of your special trip.

4. Share your experience

Another way to keep track of the great time you're having on your trip is to start a blog or post about the experience on social media. Posting provides a permanent digital record of your travels that you can easily share with your friends and family members. You can write blog posts about each day of your travels and post photos of interesting sights so your loved ones will feel as if they're there with you.

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