Crafty ideas for adding fabric trim to your sewing creations

November 26, 2014

Even the most seasoned sewer sometimes runs out of ideas. To inspire you, here are somecrafty ideas to integrate fabric trim into your sewing creations.
Other times, other customs

Golden tassels, fringes, cords, braids, gimp: the kings and queens of this world adorned themselves with the finest trims and surrounded themselves with the most luxurious fabrics.When the industrial age made such things more readily accessible, fabric trim was democratized and began to ornament the clothing of the common people.

Nowadays, sewing projects are all the rage, so it’s worth knowing a bit about fabric trim and the many things you can do with it.

The elegance of your decor

Tiebacks, tassels, rosettes and fringes are an extra touch that’s indispensable for a successful interior—they give your curtains, cushions, and even your lampshades, that finishing touch.

  • To give a royal look to bed skirts, pillow cases and other bedding fabrics, try adding a little lace, ribbon or braid.

The type of fabric trim you choose can give a richly-decorated room a baroque look, or a feel that’s altogether contemporary.

Use your imagination

With fabric trim, the potential for sewing and crafts projects is only limited by your imagination.

  • Embroidery, appliqués, buttons and other trimmings are available in a plethora of colors and add a professional finish to your creations.

For a look that’s totally feminine and romantic, try adding them to these creations:

  • Jewellery.
  • Hair accessories.
  • Handbags.
  • Dresses.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Tablecloths and table runners.
  • Dinner napkins.

Where to find these treasures

Craft stores are treasure troves for the creative arts, as are fabric stores and online shopping sites for crafters. You can buy patterns, supplies, fabric, tools, and of course fabric trim.

  • Some retail stores specialize in high-end fabric trim whose designs are based on archival documents, while others offer sophisticated contemporary trim materials.

Where to begin?

If you’d like to give it a try but you’re a little short on ideas, check out the crafts section of book stores and libraries—they’re teeming with books filled with DIY creative projects. Even easier:

  • A few clicks of a mouse can provide you with a multitude of suggestions. Sometimes all it takes is one little spark to get your creativity going.

For novices

If you’re creative but are in need of a little advice and training, you could think about signing up for a sewing class, or perhaps a group class offered at a creative arts boutique. Not only will you get the little bit of help that you need, you’ll be on top of the newest trends.

Crafty ideas for adding fabric trim to your sewing creations
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