Kitchen cabinets: with or without doors?

December 23, 2014

When you take on kitchen renovation, your biggest decision is choosing between kitchen cabinets with or without doors. Here's everything you need to know about your options.

Don’t box yourself in. Don’t default your choice to standard kitchen cabinets with doors. You can go for a more open kitchen design with cabinets without doors.

Pick a style

As a homeowner, you probably already have a certain style that is obvious throughout your house. Is your home country-chic? Minimalist? French antique? Depending on the style you prefer, there may already be a clear choice that aligns with it. So don’t feel pressured to pick one type of kitchen cabinet, just because it is the most common. Keep true to your sense of style. You will be happier with the outcome of your home renovation if you stick to what you like.

Kitchen cabinets with doors

When you first decided to take on your home renovation project, you probably automatically thought of kitchen cabinets with doors. These are probably the most common type of kitchen cabinet on the market. If this is the style you are most attracted to, you will find lots of options for your kitchen.

You can choose between different materials for the doors. Many of the most desirable cabinets are made of oak, maple, hickory, cherry wood, birch, pine, and more. The colour options are almost endless. Once you have a look you want to achieve, you can consider your budget for your kitchen cabinets. Some materials are more expensive. Wood cabinets rank among the more costly. If budget is a concern, you should consider laminate cabinets. These are readily available at hardware stores and home centres.

Kitchen cabinets without doors

If your design sense is leaning more towards open concept or minimalist, you might want to consider picking kitchen cabinets without doors. These are also known as shelves. If you go this route, you are still getting the benefit of kitchen storage but with the attractive look of open shelving. Many people like this option because it allows your pretty chinaware and antique knick-knacks to have more of a prominent focus in your kitchen. The one downfall of this particular option is that if you are not a meticulous person, any signs of clutter cannot be hidden from view behind a door.

Let your strong sense of style guide you. Your vision for a perfectly wonderful kitchen renovation is within your grasp, just make sure to consider all your options. Depending on your style, budget and skill level, you can have the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. Whether they come with or without doors is up to you!

Kitchen cabinets: with or without doors?
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