Trendy kitchen cabinet styles

November 26, 2014

Kitchens are the heart of every home. If you're hoping to update an aging kitchen or build a new one, here are the trendiest, most popular style choices to choose from.

Homeowners planning to build a brand-new house and kitchen, or just looking to update an aging kitchen, should know their options before they start planning and budgeting.

Here are the top-trending kitchen cabinet styles and most-wanted features that will add maximum beauty and value to your home—plus unmatched comfort and functionality to your kitchen.

Trendy kitchen cabinet styles

Classic and warm wood cabinets

The colours, patterns and textures of wood are the top three qualities that appeal to many homeowners. Wood cabinets are earthy, and make kitchens warm and inviting for the homeowners and their guests.

Oak, maple, and cherry wood are among the favourites of designers and homeowners. A mixture of wood colours from pale to dark shades is a mainstay when designing kitchen cabinets.

Minimalist and neutral

White kitchen cabinets are safe and neutral. They're also great for minimalist kitchens because appliances and other fixtures blend easily with them. Kitchen cabinets like these work well for various kitchen styles such as modern, cottage and traditional.


Grey is still a trendy choice that designers love right now. Metallic is also another hot kitchen design trend. A coat of quality metallic paint can make old cabinets look livelier and modern.

Organized and efficient

Today's kitchen cabinets are equipped with storage and customization options that appeal to many homeowners. You can buy organization solutions—like dividers, shelves, or cubby holes—that can fit any cabinet. If it's in your budget, you can ask a designer for custom solutions.

Concealed cabinets

Also among the emerging trends for kitchen cabinets are customization options that create a concealing effect. These include "hidden" storage inserts, pullout doors, holders for garbage bins, and shelving or racks for pantry goods and tableware.

Glass doors for visual appeal

Many homeowners have collections of kitchenware, cutlery, fine china, and glassware that are both regularly used and on display. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are trendy right now. Plus, they serve as storage and to showcase your collectible items. Such cabinet doors also break the 'block' effect of typical kitchen cabinets, as they add depth and visual appeal to your kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets are always in style, but are particularly popular right now. They can store all sorts of kitchen items, all while making the room appear larger than it really is.

Contrasting colours and textures

Solid colours in a kitchen give it a streamlined and clean effect. But it can also be boring. Part of what's trendy right now for kitchen cabinets is using contrasting colours, various wood textures and hues that add warmth and dimension. Contrasting colours and textures add an element of design and style that's unique to your kitchen.

Upgrading and re-designing your kitchen should have balance between what's considered trendy vs. timeless. If you choose a design that's too avant-garde, it will look dated very quickly. Incorporating cabinetry that will last and look good for a few years should be part of the plan for your kitchen if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

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