Everything you need to know about manicures

December 10, 2014

Manicures are one of life’s small pleasures: for some people it’s an integral part of their beauty routine, while others reserve it for very special occasions. So what kind of manicures are available and how often should you have your nails done? Here's what you should know.

Everything you need to know about manicures

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Standard manicure with polish

This is the classic manicure. You can do it yourself or choose to have it done in a salon, where a multitude of colour choices awaits you.

  • It’s the most budget-friendly type of manicure, but also the least resistant option.
  • A standard manicure with nail polish only lasts about three to five days, so keeping your nails looking nice can be very time consuming if you do it yourself.
  • The upside to a DIY manicure is that you can change the colour any time you want.

Nail decals

Using nail decals (or stickers) is a quick and easy way to beautify your nails.

  • Available in a multitude of colours and patterns, nail decals are perfect for special occasions or for creating a totally original nail design.
  • Nail decals may last longer if a protective layer of nail varnish is added.
  • Typical the manicure frequency is between seven to 10 days, depending on the quality of the decals and how well they are applied to the nails.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are a great option for anyone who wants to have beautiful nails for as long as possible, incurable nail biters, or even people who just don’t have the time for frequent nail care.

  1. Before applying acrylic nails, the person's natural nails are cleaned and filed.
  2. Next, an extension is laid on the nail and built up with layers of acrylic.
  3. Finally, the artificial acrylic nails are shaped and painted.

Over time, fake nails grow out with your own natural nails, so you’ll have to go back to the salon approximately every three weeks to have the gaps filled in.

Gel polish

A big feature in beauty salons these days is gel-polished nails. Why? Because gel lasts longer and keeps its shine until it’s removed.

  • First a base layer is applied, followed by two layers of colour, then a finishing layer of protective gel is put on. Each layer is dried under a UV or LED light.

This whole procedure is done under the watchful eye of professionals trained in this type of manicure.

  • Gel polish lasts about three weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow and what kinds of things you do with your hands.

In short, the type of manicure you pick depends not only on what you want the final result to look like and how much it costs, but also on how long it will last. What's more, how often you'll need a manicure depends on several factors, including the type of care you desire, the rate your nails grow, and what you do with your hands. Don’t hesitate to ask your nail technician lots of questions to help you make the right choice.

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