Simple packing tips to get the most out of your beach trip

November 6, 2014

Use these beach trip packing tips so you'll be prepared for the weather and have everything you need to enjoy your trip.

Simple packing tips to get the most out of your beach trip

Spare swimsuit

You always think of packing your swimsuit when you are going to the beach, but bringing two suits can make a big difference. If you decide to take a second dip later in the day, you don't have to put on a wet suit. Also, if you're going to a rocky beach, bring along water shoes to protect your feet. If you're heading to a beach that has great snorkelling, bring along a snorkelling mask or protective clothes to wear.

Multiple methods of sun protection

Many people forget how strong the sun can be even in winter. Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is also a good idea to bring along sunglasses so you don't have to squint. A hat or cover-up is perfect for those days at the beach when you want a little more coverage.

Beach entertainment

If you're planning to head to the beach for long, relaxing days, bring along some things to entertain you while you soak up the sun, like a few good books. You can also load up some of your favourite music onto your mp3 player. If you would prefer to challenge yourself, bring a book of Sudoku or crossword puzzles to test your brain while you're on vacation. If you're feeling a little more active, you can bring a snorkel, frisbee or volleyball!

Resealable plastic bag

When you head to the beach, you'll probably bring along your phone, money, credit cards and other necessities. To keep these from getting sandy and wet, zip them in a resealable plastic bag. They will stay dry and sand-free, as opposed to gritty, wet and lost at the bottom of your bag!

Beach vacations can be a whole lot of fun, but they are best when you come prepared. Remember these things when you're packing for your next beach trip so you don't have to make any extra purchases once you're out of town.

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